Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators




The Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators supports young creators in order to improve the industry standards in media arts for the coming generations. Additionally, the program invites excellent overseas creators to propel international exchange in the field of media arts, prompt the development of domestic creators through such interactions, for the purpose of contributing to the improvement and development of the media arts standards in our country.

The Program for Japanese Creators with Exploratory Projects, artists with winning works or were selected for Jury Selections in the Japan Media Arts Festival are invited to present new work proposals. Selected proposals are then supported with a production budget, advice and technical assistance from experts, and an opportunity to exhibit the new piece.

The Residency for International Creators with Exploratory Projects invites outstanding young creators from overseas, providing them with a residency opportunity to engage with the creative culture of Japan, and encouraging international exchange by arranging opportunities to interact with creators in Japan.

Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (Bunka-cho)