Advisers for the fiscal year 2018

KUBOTA Akihiro
(Artist and Professor, Tama Art University)

Born in 1960, he is currently the professor of Art and Media Course in the Information Design Department. His team’s first art satellite ARTSAT1:INVADER won the Award of Distinction of the Hybrid Art of Prix Ars Electronica in 2015, and the entire ARTSAT Project received the 66th Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (Media Arts Division). His most recent publications are “Design for Otherness” (BNN, 2017), “Basic Concept of Media Art” (Film Art, Co-ed., 2018) and “Instagram and Contemporary Visual Culture” (BNN, Co-ed., 2018).


(Manga Artist and Professor, Kobe Design University)

Born in Shizuoka City in 1958. He graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in Graphic Design in 1981, and made his debut as a manga artist with the book “Ereki na Haru” in 1985. Working mainly with parody, he has been acclaimed as the pioneer who carved out new fields in ‘gag manga.’ A full-time artist since 1994, he continues to broaden his scope of interest, producing works from various genres ranging from fantasies to literary style expressions in diverse forms of publications such as satirical four-panel comic strips for newspapers, long-form narrative manga, and even underground manga. In recent years, he has created videos and installation art, expanding even further beyond the realm of manga.


(Senior Manager, Contents Development Sec. Technology Alliance Dept. Corporate Technology Strategy Div. Sony Corporation)

Asako received her MS in Chemistry and Media Arts from Keio University in Japan, and has 20 years’ experience as a distinguished content professional, with particular focus on the integration of advanced technology into electronics, consumer goods, entertainment, sustainability and online media services. She started her career at Shiseido in advertising as a web content creator. She then joined Sony in 2001 and while employed at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) and at Aniplex, Inc. (a Sony Music Entertainment Japan company), Asako oversaw the launch of the content distribution business for film and animation, as well as character IP. Afterward, Asako engaged with top-notch NGOs, and the United Nations, etc., in projects that utilized technology to tackle social issues. She has also acted as community manager with creators for Sony’s new concept Life Space UX. Currently, Asako is the senior manager of Content Development and is engaged in the creation of virtual reality content on head mount displays and other highly immersive devices.


WADA Toshikatsu
(Animation Artist and Associate Professor, Tokyo Zokei University)

Born in 1966 in Fukuoka Prefecture. After graduating from the School of Law in Waseda University, he joined DentsuTec (formerly DentsuProx) in 1991, and started producing original cutout animation in 1996. His short animation “Bippu to Bappu” (The Adventures of Bip & Bap), broadcasted in Japan from 2000 to 2005, won prizes at animated film festivals both in Japan and overseas. He also wrote and directed the making-of documentary in the second half of KAWAMOTO Kihachiro’s animation “Fuyu no Hi” (Winter Days). In 2007, his animation of ARAI Ryoji’s “Sukima no Kuni no Poruta” (A Country Between the World) won the Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival. He is currently a member of the animation unit ‘G9+1’, a group of veteran animators. After retiring from DentsuTec in 2011, he devotes himself to his community by serving multiple roles including the Managing Director of the Japan Animation Association, Director of the Japan Society for Animation Studies.


(honorific titles are omitted / Japanese syllabary order)
*Selected artists will also have further opportunities including discussions with other advisors from related fields.